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Living with ICT is organizing a two-day event “Fusemachines ICT Startup & Innovation Mela”, on the premises of Presidential Business School, Thapagaun. The event began yesterday, on December 20, with an opening ceremony at 10:30 am.

On the first day, the premises were filled with visitors, who were mostly students. Despite it not being a holiday, the event received a lot of visitors. The organizers said they expect to receive even more today (Saturday). The event is applicable to all, especially, to students who could grab a good opportunity to expand their knowledge of ICT.

innovation display

Photo: Aakriti Sharma

The event has exhibitions with the technological invention, student projects, and startups’ ideas and innovation. The major highlight of ICT Startup & Innovation Mela is that it has brought people from all age groups, students and companies to display their innovations and ideas in the field of technology.

It also has job fairs and counselings booths, rocket science and robotic science, IoT products, a showcase of software and applications, conference on startup and entrepreneurship and many more. Most of the exhibitors are people who have learned ideas about ICT using the internet, especially YouTube.

In the present context of Nepal, the technological background, in comparison, is lacking in many ways, the organizers said. The event’s motto is to provide opportunities and encourage the youths in participating in their own establishments, they added.

“This event is a platform to show people that Nepal is also no less in the field of technology. What educational fields teach the students are not enough. People must be encouraged to show their ideas and knowledge in the IT sector,” said one of the volunteers from the event.

Major Attractions of the event

Gathered to learn about the new app

Photo: Aakriti Sharma

The aim of this event is to encourage, recognize, acknowledge and promote the individuals, organizations, students, and businesses in the IT sector. The best part about the event is that it highlights ideas of innovations and inspires the youths towards practically implementing their knowledge about IT, all included within the same premises.

A group of school students studying in class 10 from Nepal Police School has built a drone and a remote control vehicle with the help of YouTube.

“We worked on many small IT projects and were involved in different competitions earlier. From the money we won, we bought materials online from China. And with the help of our mentors, and YouTube videos, we were able to build this. But this is not a product that we achieved on our first attempt; we had to do many trials and errors before we succeeded.”

Drone build by school boys

Drone build by 10 graders from Nepal Police School. Photo: Aakriti Sharma

Besides this, there are many other products on display, sharing their ideas, stories of innovations, counseling, and opportunities.

ICT Startup & Innovation Mela will be on full-scale and conclude today. For those seeking for some encouragement and ideas in the ICT sector should definitely attend this fair. The event could also be a great platform to understand the potentiality of Nepalis in the technological field.

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