Kathmandu, without you…

(This article was first published in The Kathmandu Post on May 13, 2017, when the city was truly all about the mayor election. Featured image credit Ekantipur) A love song for a city drenched in election fe... Read More...
तिम्रो कथा

तिम्रो कथा

त्यो निर्जन भुमिमा घामको रापले ओइलाएको, बिहानीको शितले मुर्झाएको, त्यो ढुङ्गे बगरमा उम्रेको दुबो, पहाडको छाती चिरेर पलाएको पिपलको कथा, नै तिम्रो कथा हो ।
Traffic in rush- off


Off: You have shared your part now just be gone.Things do get entwined, they do and I know. But that doesn't mean routes can't be changed.