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How I wish, you were here,
here by my side, helping me to surf along with the tides,
tides of your remembrance, whirlpool of your thoughts,
which doesn’t heal me, but just hurts,
hurts you’re not here, hurts you’re not near,
hurts, that we’re still not a pair,
pair of souls, but we’re just two merely individual.
How I wish you were here, holding my hand,
letting me be your man, man of your dreams,
who’d help you annihilate those grim, off your face,
and sending it to some unknown place, from where it would never return.
How I wish you were here,
putting up a grin on my face, we’d travel the space,
we’d go beyond the stars, and reach the end of the universe.
How I just wish, wish you were here, then I’d have nothing to fear,
‘coz you’d guard me, guard against the evil, as I’m weak and feeble.
You’d support me in your arms, letting me no harm,
So dear, how I wish, how I wish you were here.

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