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It was one of those forlorn nights
when darkness had taken over
and nothing was in sight.

I was lost in my deep sleep
fancying in my erotic dream
until a thing woke me up
like some little murmuring screams.

I felt hands under my pillow
like someone was searching something
I knew I had locked up my doors
no one could have trespassed it, not a single being.

But then,
I heard a girl mutter
I was frightened
I felt my heart stutter.

I fell down on the floor
with my blurred vision, I saw a cat.
A cat that was as dark as the end zone of a black hole
as black as an untouched coal.

Beside it, stood a girl with long streamed melanoid hair
who would give you shivering chills with a single stare?

She was dressed in all white that came up to her knees
gloomy face yet so bright and all I could do was freeze.

Her body was covered in scars
I could feel my throat dry up like I was stranded in the middle of a desert
you’d probably end up dead if you have a faint heart.

I yelled but it was all in vain
no sound, total silence was driving me insane.

I tried one last time, I screamed and regained my senses back
still, on my bed, the night was pitched black.

There I laid
with sleepy eyes
unnerved mind
thinking, nightmares do haunt me at times.

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