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Entrepreneurship and start-ups are the new trends in the market. As of late, so many start-ups have joined the industry and many more on its way, making noteworthy contributions in various sectors. Amidst the crowd though, few manage to stand out and change lives. Such ideas and initiatives were once again awarded in this year’s Netgear ICT Award 2018 organized by Living with ICT at Hotel Radisson, in Lazimpat, on Friday.

The third edition of the Award lauded People Development Lab Pvt. Ltd. (PDL) and iSolution Life with this year’s ICT Start-up Award 2018 and ICT Product Award 2018. PDL is start-up dedicated to provide career guidance and personality development solutions. Its strength lies in the strategic use of data and psychology to give individual career tips to students. Whereas, iSolution Life is an insurance management software that is catering to the needs to insurance companies in Nepal today.

Both PDL and iSolutions Life bagged the respective awards after receiving topmost votes in an online voting competition where they competed against other four start-ups and products.

Netgear ICT Award 2018

Sarathi collecting ICT Jury Mention Award. Photo: Living with ICT

Meanwhile, Sarathi bagged the ICT Jury Mention Award for changing the way people use taxis today. With mobile app and call centers, Sarathi today is providing reliable and comfortable rides to users, 24X7 without bargaining hassles.

The ICT Award 2018 also awarded individuals for their contributions. Sanjib Rajbhandari, CEO of Merchantile Communications Pvt. Ltd., was recognized with the Pioneer Award for introducing internet in Nepal and contributing in technological advancements thereafter. Likewise, Biswas Dhakal of F1 Soft was recognized with ICT Entrepreneur Award while Himal Karmacharya of Leapfrog Technology Inc was recognized with ICT Diaspora Award for their respective contributions in Nepali tech industry.

This year, ICT also introduced two new awards that recognized contribution of organizations and individuals outside the field. One was ICT Digital Governance Award that lauded Nepal Police for integrating technology in their daily operations. Nepal Police is taking steps towards paperless operations and increasing its efficiency in their service towards the common people.

Netgear ICT Award 2018

Nepal Police IGP Sarbendra Khanal receiving ICT Digital Governance Award.

Another was ICT Media Person Award to recognize the continuous efforts of media persons. Gopal Saud from Naya Patrika and Santosh Neupane from Nagrik were recognized for contributing in the field with their writings of technology and its impacts.

Netgear ICT Award 2018

Minister for Information and Communication Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota inaugurating ICT Award 2018. Photo: Living with ICT

Minister for Communication and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota had graced the event and handed awards to the winners. While Prime Minister KP Oli stressed importance of ICT for a prosperous society in his video message.

Living with ICT started the ICT Award in 2016. And with each passing year, it has been recognizing more and more tech-based companies and initiatives for their contributions in Nepal. And with that is motivating many more to lead the country towards technological advancements.

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