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“When was the last time I finished a book, I ask myself. If I don’t check my good-reads account, I don’t really remember. I know the last book I finished reading is “Anne of the Island”. This I know because, being the narcissist that I am, I check my Facebook profile one too many times and it’s just there for me to not remember. I know many people in my life know or remember me as that “bookworm”. I am currently ‘reading’ “Long Way Down” and I think I began reading it quite a while ago. It’s not a bad book. Indeed it is a rather interesting one, one that the two-years-ago or really, one-year-ago me would have devoured in a matter of days. And then before this one and after Anne, I tried my hands on two books. I put them down, never to read again.”

I started working on this piece of blog probably in January (that is the time frame I have set for “Long Way Down” in my good-reads account) and then I just decided I didn’t want to continue anymore. Since this event took place 9 months ago, more or less, I don’t remember what made me start it or what made me stop it. The title of the blog reads “It is okay” I suppose I meant to say it is okay to go easy on yourself once in a while. I used to be a voracious reader back in the day. I still am but not on the scale that I would like to brag about. Gone are the days of reading one book a day (unless the book has big prints or is thin as anything, but ugh I hate a big printed book, I am a grown woman, for God’s sake) But also gone are the lazy days of keeping a book wait for reasons unknown. I have read 11 books since “Long Way Down”.

The point of the matter here is, it is okay to not be what you are used to being at times. It is okay to take a break from what you have always been doing just for the sake of saying, hey look, I still got it! It is okay to put your hands up behind your head, look up and soak in the sun, instead of always putting your nose down into whatever work you are always so engrossed in. It is okay to have people think, hey she finally lost it, because who cares! It is okay to start new hobbies late in life while giving your old hobbies a rest. It is okay to let people think you’re not that great after all. Loosen up. If you’re okay with yourself, everything else most definitely will be okay.

PS. It is okay to go AWOL if you’re not a Facebook person. It’ll feel great, trust me.

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