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All we have to offer, all that we feel, is sympathy. Because it didn’t happen to us. The one who reads this can either be in pain or can only imagine it. And while some of us are occupied complaining about who was responsible, what went wrong and what our next move should be, we still are, and you may not believe this, but we still are panicking. We have been panicking, since a very long time.

I believe that we live in great fear – the fear of being not enough for the world.

It’s actually a great way to live but the pain itself is heart-wrenching. It’s the pain of not being able to achieve. You’d call me a hippie (obviously) but what you don’t know is that we are so lost in our responsibilities, we forget what we do this for, in the first place.

This is what the recent Kabul attack reminds me of.

In the recent years, I’ve surrounded myself with people and books that advise me to “live”. And as we grow, we’re piled up with responsibilities that don’t always support our philosophy.

For me, for many of us, life is a bliss, while for some, creating bliss for the family is only possible by parting from it.

The incident is awfully depressing, but what’s worse is that it doesn’t stop there. If your life is threatened in Afghanistan, you’ll go to Dubai. If your life is threatened there as well, you will move to Korea. One way or the other, you’re willing to survive, but that’s it.

I can’t ask you to forget your work and come home. What I can do is ask you to take care of yourself, because you, and me too, we all live in panic, in great fear.

You may not die that way you wanted to. Here is when the fear and pain overlaps.

A bliss for one is a drive against it for the other.

And I hope you make it through.

R.I.P, the victims of the Kabul attack, to all the others too, who lost their lives while trying to keep their family happy.


Image Source : NDTV News


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