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Conundrum Her constellations embroidered eyes, sugar-coated maroon colored lips made me fall for her every pretty lie, and her cherry blossomed cheeks. Her silky long hair seemed something like of a gu... Read More...

When in doubt, be orange

When in doubt, be orange; If you can be a fruit, be an orange. Don’t be an apple. Don’t be zero shades of white. Be an orange. Be so orange that they have to name a color after you. Don’t be an appl... Read More...

I am the society

I am the society I could hear the screams And hear the pleads But I choose to ignore Because I am the society. My ears vibrated hearing her pain But I hugged my daughter and slept My bare eyes ... Read More...

The Seven Farewell

The Seven Farewell They were the worst tears I ever cried They were the annihilation and nirvana The door to the soul and out of it The most precious, the seven farewells One of seven, I smiled as I bo... Read More...
Winter Here

Winter Here

It is winter here. Cold, feathers of snow float and dance and then hit the ground. Their weightlessness is adorable, so pure, so fragile and so beautiful. The thin thread between the consciousness and existence... Read More...