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and then she lay there,

peaceful and in perfect bliss,

got no worries,

all the troubles forgotten,

all the distress ignored, 

all concerns snubbed


and then she lay there,

still a smile on her face,

the glow in her face,

the love in her closed eyes,

the calmness in her breath now,

her lips still trembling from yesterday,

her hands assured that they would be held forever,

her body poised and motionless,

yet revealed all vigor and pleasure,

floating in the serenity of their love


and then she lay there,

dreaming all the good times that lay ahead,

a little twitch, maybe she’s scared,

but smiles again as she feels safe,

feels much more in love than ever,

reaches out to him,

he’s there, all yours,

admiring her every motion,

every little breath, every little twitch,

poised that he would never let go


and then she lay there,

euphoric and elated,

unperturbed by anything,

much more mesmeric and enchanting,

all the mistakes forgiven,

all the misunderstanding overlooked

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