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Dashain is considered as the biggest festival celebrated in Nepal. It is a celebration of good prevailing over evil. Dashain not only a season of Goddesses, but it is also the season for amazing dashain offers and deals on various products. Many clothing sites, gadgets companies, and supermarkets have come up with amazing offers this Dashain more jolly. With their eye-catching offers and catchy slogans, companies are here to provide the best of the best deals for this festive season. If you are trying to go for shopping, here are some of the common areas where you can get Dashain offers:


Dashain offers to make this festival more joyful-Gadgets


In this festival season, many offers in gadgets like mobile phones are displayed at attractive prices. This is the season where many people actually consider to buy expensive gadgets like smartphones, laptops, computers, and other electronic gadgets, companies also sell them at a heavy discount rate. Companies like Samsung and Sony have offered a heavy amount of discount on their electronics like smart-TVs and smart-fridge.

Offers in smartphones like Sony and Samsung are also giving a fair amount of discount 5% on their latest smartphones. While Chinese brands honor is giving participants a chance to win verities of smartphones by lucky draw through SMS. Not only that, Huawei is offering buy-one-get-one-free offers in their newly releases.

Clothes and shoes:

When it comes to Dashain, buying clothes and shoes is like a tradition in our country. Many people buy clothes in the Dashain only because they can get clothes at a cheaper price. There is also a wide range of Dashain offers available on shoes and clothes, during the Festival. But in fact, on the occasion of Dashain, clothes, and shoes are imported and sold at higher rates.

Targeting this occasion, many clothing shops and malls are offering up to 50% discount on their items. Shopping complexes like Bhatbhateni and Salesway are offering amazing deals on clothes as well as shoes. Online clothing stores like Daraz and even Instagram clothing pages are also offering varieties of clothes at a cheaper price.

Dashain offers are also available on:


Dashain offers to make this festival more joyful.-utensiles

Photo: Unsplash/Ashkan Forouzani

During Dashain, people visit their relatives, families, and friends to meet, for get-together and pujas. And with people at home, you will the resources to cater to them. And during the festive season, people don’t prefer to serve guests in old utensils. So because of this, many people also consider buying new utensils. And along with others, you can also buy utensils at unbelievably cheaper prices during these festive seasons. A wide range of utensils and many other kitchen appliances are sold in Dashain sales. Supermarkets like Bhatbhateni and local utensil shops are providing up to 15% discount on utensils for the Dashain festival.

House paint:

During this Dashain season, everyone is upgrading or improving their stuff; new utensils, new car, new smartphones. And this is the perfect time to buy paint to decorate and add beauty to your home. This is also the time to buy paints as they are at a discount and if you are thinking of painting your house, you can do it now and save cash while doing it. So celebrating this occasion, larger paint companies like Berger are offering exclusive Dashain offers like by giving a sure-shot reward of 100 square feet of Silk Illusion Designs with the purchase of selected their products.

Not only that, winners also get a chance to win  Rs 500,000 cash prize along with Samsung LED TV for 25 people, domestic trips for 50 couples and Samsung mobile phones for 100 people. Customer are suppose to participate in a digital contests where they should uploading photos of their painted exterior and interior. this offer lasts from august 18 to November 16, 2019.

May your Dashain be full of joy and happiness.

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