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Shiksha Nepal, a non-governmental organization, organized a ‘National Book Fair 2019’ at the Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi, on Friday. The theme of the event was ‘Ek Nepali Ek Kitaab’.

Shiksha Nepal is working in the sector of child and youth education. Founder of the organization Prem Bahadur Bohara said, “The motto is to provide platform for all the readers. The main aim is to collect one million books, especially storybooks, for the children living in rural areas of Nepal including the Karnali region.”

“That one book could change the thinking pattern. Donate the books, you have forgotten about, or those left on the bookshelves for long. They can change the mindset, creativity, or even life of a child living in the Karnali region,” he said. His vision of collecting one million books could easily be accomplished if every Nepali would donate at least one book, he further said.

The organizers hoped to collect at least 500 books by the end of the two-day event.

The event is a common platform to raise awareness about the importance of books in one’s life. “The involvement of youth as volunteers in the event is to cultivate the reading culture among youth through youth,” Bohara said expressing his concern about the future of reading in the younger generation.

Student volunteer, Sabina Adhikari, said their involvement in the event has motivated others to learn. She also added it has helped other youths to embrace the art of reading for developing critical thinking.

Bookmarks at the National Book Fair 2019 by Shiksha Nepal

Hand-made bookmarks made by volunteers on display at the National Book Fair 2019, Nepal Academy Hall, on Friday. Photo: Monica Lohani

“I have chosen to lead the bookmark stall team as we can show our creativity in making handmade bookmarks. The money from the stalls will be further used in buying books to accomplish their goals of reaching one million books by 2020,” Adhikari added.

Various renowned writers including Amar Neupane, and Nimesh Poudel among others also shared their insightful experiences in the event.

Shiksha Nepal aims to connect local, national and international youth to work with children for social and environmental change where the youths can contribute to the children‘s education, well-being of local communities and ultimately social and environmental change being a volunteer- a part of change.

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