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Instead of using our time in some productive work most of us spent our time sleeping, watching television or hanging on social media. We want to work, gain some success and fame in life but at the same time, we get scared to attempt some new things. Getting out of the box and thinking of ourselves as useless and weak to tackle with the problem increase the heartbeat of people. Some keep on complaining and blaming but do not work on time wasters habit and ideas on how to overcome it.

Sitting in the corner of the room we scroll Facebook wall and see our classmates getting a new job, earning money and traveling the new places bring fire on them but still they even don’t put their first step towards trying. Lazy people have always some reason to skip from the opportunities. Below is the list of seven common time wasters and how to overcome them.

7 Common Time Wasters and How To Overcome Them

Waiting for the perfect moment

We wait around for the perfect time to go after dreams and goals. Actually, there aren’t any moments that are perfect, it’s only you who make the moment perfectly with your hard work. We keep on saying that we want a better life but we aren’t willing to do differently. So, if you want to be successful in life then stop waiting for the perfect moment and start trying from today. Don’t say tomorrow. 


Complaining is easier for people than trying a new thing. If something is on their way they develop a negative attitude towards a particular subject. When people don’t meet their dreams they complain to their friends, family and the facility they are lacking off.

Trying to please everybody

You cannot live to please everyone else. You need to live on your life making plans and aim to make your dream true. If you try to please everyone you’re going to be miserable, unhappy and the main part is the very people you are trying to please won’t even appreciate the efforts. Don’t try to please anybody else; it’s only you who matter in your life.

Comparing yourself

Don’t compare yourself with others because everyone has their own capability. They often compare themselves to others to determine how well they are doing in their life and base their personal value on that which makes themselves unhappy and unsatisfied. Comparing yourself with others led your moral down. You will lack the confidence to step in, in any kind of work you do.

7 Time Wasters & How To Overcome ItThe fear of failure

It is not the failure that people fear. It is the thinking of negative consequences that follow the failure that stressed them out. This fear leads them to low self –esteem, avoiding the challenging task, being pessimistic and even cheating. We should believe that failure is not the loss it’s the opportunity of learning. If you fail once you will gather some strength for next time. We should remember that today’s successful person was a struggling hard-worker who tried one more time.

Not living your life

Today’s youth keep on saying they are not living their life they just exist. To live your life on your own you need to have some goals, aim to pursue them. People must have the enthusiasm to live life with freedom. But most of the youth lost their excitement that comes with the living of life because they believe that life will go on but first of all if you want to do something better in your life you should know yourself and live your life according to you.

Worrying about what people will say

No matter, how much you try to be good with people, people will find out the negative points in you to make a topic of their gossip. But we human being rely on the people and make a decision accordingly to their opinion towards us. We start to fit in the expectation of others, but if we give our power to others and allow their impression as our decision then we won’t be able to achieve success in our life.

People will love you, people will hate you but, none of it will have anything to do with you. Just make your own choices and live by those decisions. And take full responsibility for what you do and how you do it.

Hope you enjoyed reading these helpful tips some common time wasters and how to overcome them.

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