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Story Of Transformation Series!
When was the last time you reflected about yourself? Most probably 30 days back when this year embarked.
The first month of 2018 said “Goodbye”.
Do the oaths that we took on the first day of the year still make sense?
 “Umm… Somewhat.”
This fleeting moment demands a continuous self-reflection. Don’t you think so?
Yes, it’s good to reflect at the end of the year. However, my growing realization is that every minor event with its actions and reactions in our life has to be reflected. By the end of the year, we might remember the major events forgetting the minor ones. The ones which could have helped us wake up as a better person every morning. 
With this realization, I have tried to develop the habit of reflecting every day pretty strongly from this year.  At the end of every day, I journal my day so that I can improve myself continuously.
My personal values are ‘growth’ ‘depth’ and ‘care’. And I try to encompass these values even in my journal. When it comes to journaling, growth for me is not just writing words but playing with it and being creative. So, I try to come up with quatrain (four lines poetry) every day.  Click here to read those poems!
To say, I will start reflecting every day is quite easy but to be accountable is extremely hard. Thus, I have made my reflection public through my social media with this I feel holding myself accountable to a group of people and feel positive pressure to keep it up.
And daily reflection for last one month has brought a positive change in me. Taking a pause was something I lacked last year. And journaling has helped me with this. Gradually I feel being able to take a mindful pause because as soon as I feel something terrible has happened I go back to my journal and read my reflections. 
Daily reflection has made me realize that every day is a roller coaster ride. Abysmal, today’s ride may be, but it will definitely add a value to my forthcoming coaster. 
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