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For some reason, every argument people make seem so childish to me now.

Gone are the days when I used to argue. People who used to be around me will probably be shocked by the fact that I will not debate about why everyone in this world should become vegetarians. After some quite time for myself, I figured out that you can try to sway people with your ideas but you don’t have the ability to change people’s mind.

Why bother when you know that people are so busy? In fact, all I’ve been doing is criticising people  for their ignorance and choices. Not everyone is like me. There are so many people in this world who have Twitter accounts and they don’t bother following a new channel at all. They simply don’t care. I might try to give them knowledge, but it’s no use because they won’t assimilate it. We’ll I’m not calling people fools, but they don’t have time worrying about saving planet Earth.

In these recent days, I’ve been proving myself wrong by becoming a critique of myself. This new version of me doesn’t think LSD or even marijuana should become a part of any creative minds work. I do not think that people need to quit their jobs and go after what they want because that involves risks, which if you are not brave enough is not a path for you to take. If you don’t get money by sharing an idea, perhaps you should keep it to yourself because you have not realised yet that money is not worth anything.

I cannot speak for people without a purpose in life. If it makes you happy then its fine, I just hope that at one point you will realise that New York City will be under sea level and that people will start dying from malaria in the Himalayas. Little things matter in life and what we are going after are things that don’t matter at all.

Wake up people, for tomorrow will always be warmer than today; more people will die from wars; more bombs; more murders; more poor people; more technology advancement; no human progress; more hungry people; and you have a choice now to do something besides earn enough money to buy a bigger wider TV for the Euro Cup.

Do something. Awaken. I can only tell you the truth, but its up to you to realise.

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