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The over-hyped exams: Today, I went to take my sister’s result. She was quite nervous and was telling me all the way to the school that she will surely get scolding. I tried to cool her down but could not. And I realized how big the impact results have on students’ lives.

I still remember the faces of most of the parents cast by the clouds of sadness. As soon as I entered the hall, I could listen to the tons of complaints from both the teachers and parents and innocent faces who were about to cry with their heads facing the ground. This scene caught my sight. Most of the parents had complaints about the poor performances of their child in the exam.

We Nepalis give huge significance to exams and this is also one of the reasons for poor grades. Students feel the pressure from everywhere; be it teachers, parents or relatives. Because we have over-hyped exams, it results in bad grades. I personally think that the fewer grades are not only because of the child but due to reasons like the same old pedagogy which hasn’t kept up with the continuing technological developments.

The courses are outdated. Our teaching is more theory-based rather than practical. We are taught about different laws in science but we are unaware of their applications in our life. So, what’s the use? Only filling the paper with rote-learnt materials and getting high grades is what our education system teaches us. What knowledge we gained matters, not the grades. But who will make the parents realize that learning is greater than getting a high score?

Our education system also hinders the learning process. The students themselves are much concerned about their marks rather than learning and exploring more. So, it’s really imperative that we change the system from theory-based to practical based. This will surely expedite the student’s academic development.

And one last thing, never ever pressurize the student instead provide them with a favorable environment where they can learn. The grade is not what matters, encourage them to explore and learn more.    

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