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Thamel is one of the most tourist-oriented places inside the Kathmandu Valley. This place has lots of things to offer to the tourists, like, souvenir shops, hotels, pubs, bars and a lot of restaurants, etc. You will find anything and everything that you will find nowhere else. There are just so many things to do in Thamel. But if you are in the area for a short amount of time only and you want to make the best of that remaining time, here are the things you can do:

Bars and Clubs:

Do you enjoy dancing or do you enjoy hanging out in the bars? If so, you will find Thamel is the best place to visit. There are plenty of places to chill or to enjoy live music performed by popular Nepali music bands and singers. You will have a good time, enjoying drinking and dancing. Thamel nightlife is very colorful and exciting. For night owls, this is the best place to hang out and enjoy, among all the other things to do in Thamel, Nepal.

Natural Therapy:

things to do in thamel-natural therapy

Photo: Unsplash/ Alan Caishan

If you are in Thamel and you just want to chill out but not in a bar or a restaurant, then natural therapy is the way to go. It is sprawling with natural therapy centers. Natural therapy can help you relieve exhaustion, lessen pain and it’s great to undo jet lag; to shake off that exhaustion of traveling. This is a perfect way to use up your spare time after travel.

Trekking Stores:

Are you are on an adventure in Nepal, then you will need to buy some equipment for it. Thamel is the perfect place for you. As the tourist hub of Nepal, it has an ample number of trekking stores with good quality products. This place not only provides you with easy excess to equipment, but it also has a lot of travel & tour agents so you can plan sightseeing, one-day tours and more.

Souvenir stores:

If you are in Nepal, even if you are not traveling for adventure, there are some of the best stores for you to buy souvenirs for yourself or your family and friends. If you love shopping, then you won’t need other things to do in Thamel. It is filled with places to buy those stuff. You can get everything, from curios to handmade items, from pashminas to branded clothes, and in every size. And even if you are extremely picky, you will find something in the alleys or the corners.

Eating out in Thamel:

things to do in thamel-resturant

Photo: Unsplash/ Hans Vivek

Among all the things to do in Thamel, fulfilling your empty stomach should be the most exciting one. It is the perfect place for it. You will find every type of dish in this place. From typical Nepali food to Continental, Indian, Chinese or Italian, you can find every type of restaurant for all cuisines.

Heritage Walk in Thamel:

If you are in Nepal for its cultural heritage and are staying in Thamel, then you can definitely put this on your things to do in Thamel list. Thamel is a well-known place for its extensive selection of stores, and restaurants. But, it also contains many different heritage sites. Some of them are Bikramshila Mahabihar, Bhagawati Mandir, Hanuman, Ganesh and Shiva Shrines, Chhwasal Ajima Sthan among others. Do explore if you get the chance.

But Thamel is encased with much more activities than the ones listed above. There are a lot of things to do in Thamel, you just need to explore more and participate. You will have the time of your life with precious memories. Comment below, what is your favorite activity.

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