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What do you wanna be?

I was asked this question time and again,

Till my ears started hurting and words got confined

Limiting myself to the extremities the world had set,


I find myself getting lost amidst the crowd

Am I failing to discover myself or being diverted?

I finally realized my life isn’t mine

When I was told to define ‘my aim’ by others


Have you ever asked me what do I want?

Have you ever realized what wakes me up every day?

There are thousands of words unuttered,

And millions of emotions trapped.


Why does society limit my freedom?

Will I be able to fly with my wings high?

What if my wings are detached?

What if I am imprisoned behind the bars?


Will my voice be strong enough to pass the bars?

Or, will my words be unvoiced?

Will I be caught there forever?

Or, Will I break the bars?


I don’t wanna let myths be the fact,

I don’t wanna limit myself,

I ask nothing more because,

All I want is “My freedom”!!!!

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