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Right here. This is where life shuts down so you can hear it sing. Do you hear the absolute? Do you feel it tingling your bones? It is you. It is everything that went wrong. Everything that didn’t happen. Everywhere that you were meant to be. Everyone that you were meant to see. The core of you so scrambled up.

It is your being.

The pain that scraped you raw. You wanted to be left alone. But you wouldn’t let go of their soul. You wanted to walk. But you ran all the way home. You were scared and you are scared. But don’t move anymore. Don’t disturb the rhythm. Stay right here. Listen. Life is talking. Let it go and let this in. This equilibrium. This is where you’ve stopped – to breathe. This is where you’ve finally, belonged. This is between wrong and right. This is between what has gone and what is yet to come. Right now, you could sweep life up and hold it in your palm. Fiddle and find the mistakes. Find and try to fix it. Color it different. Write over it. Try to find the pieces and hide them inside your soul. Try to get back all that was yours. Truly, absolutely yours.

You could start over with all the right lessons. Walk right over the milestones. Get lost looking for the right side up. Drown in the depth of your own reflection. Lose yourself in the noise. You could walk backwards and blinded. Or you could stop right here. This is your music and this is your voice and this is yours to live. Life wasn’t meant to be like this. But this, is what you get. Love the crap out of it. Love that you didn’t get a choice. Love that you didn’t get a chance. Love that you didn’t love. Let it go and find some more to love. Some more to dream about. Some more to hope for. Some more to lose along the way.

Something more to become.

Some more life to live.


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