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Even if you don’t need any special day to express your love, value Valentine’s Day just as an occasion to celebrate love. All those little things you do for one another really matters. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, most of you are probably planning for the day to be more special. It’s normal to feel skeptical about expressing love just on this day. But, let’s see this as a tradition and make it special than any other regular day.

Picking up a perfect date idea is not easy for 14th Feb. No matter how long have you both been together preparing for the special day could be stressful. Also, to extremely romantic couples Valentine’s is not just a one day occasion but is a one week occasion.


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It is better to have some plans rather than to just end up doing nothing. To have some better plans there is nothing to feel weird about searching it on the internet. When you can Google your medical symptoms why not try to search for some date ideas. You could come across millions of date ideas here.

The day is about spending some quality of time that will remain memorable in the future. Date ideas could contrast with your relationship chapter, whether if you are on your first page of the chapter or have already passed several chapters.


To the new love birds

It might be kind of risky or uninteresting when you plan for a romantic date if you have just started your relationship. Being romantic on the first page of your love story could sound a little bit off rushing. It’s fun if you keep your first Valentine’s to know one another. You have years behind to prove your romance but first, you have to set an aura between the two that signals what the rest of the chapters are going to look like.

  • Plan for a fun activity for the day like visiting a place that you both could enjoy. It could be watching movies, trying some fun adventurous games, listening to live music or something common to you both.

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  • Grab some light meals together. Don’t directly go for a heavy dinner unless you both are hungry but the option for enjoying some drinks or desserts together. Stop by some café and grab a cup of tea or coffee and a dessert that you both could share.
  • Take a long drive or a hike if possible and spend more quality time talking to one another. There is plenty of time to talk when you hit off the road. Finding a nice place that is more quite allows you to have an in-depth conversation with one another. Make it memorable by taking a mini picnic along.
  • Gift them something useful this Valentine’s. Flowers and chocolates are too mainstream at the moment. It’s good that you choose something that could come in handy to your partner. Heart melts when you get creative with making your own gifts.

Remember that your intention for this valentine is to connect. The more you get to know what your partner is like the more interesting the rest chapters look like.

Valentine’s on the rest chapters of love

If it has been long that you guys are on a relationship and this is not your first Valentine’s together, it is now time that you plan for a romantic date. It would be romantic if you choose the night time to plan your date. The rest chapters of your love story depend on how comfortable have you both been with one another. It’s time that you feel free about expressing your romance to your sweetheart.


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  • Get some gifts that feel romantic. It is ok to choose the mainstream gift ideas for an old relationship. Buy some flowers, precisely red roses, chocolates or stuffed toys to set in the mood.
  • You can start the day with the new love bird style and hang out for some fun activities. Visit places, do things that you guys enjoy doing more often. You can also try some new things that you haven’t done till now yet always wanted to.
  • Plan for a classic dinner date at your favorite place. Valentine’s Day could be packed at restaurants so be sure that you make your reservations. You can also plan it in your own house if no one else is around; however, do make it look romantic with the decorations and the food you choose.
  • You can also plan a night out together if you wish to spend a long time. Since its winter you can enjoy the fireplace and cuddle in warmth or maybe some star grazing. Play some romantic songs to create an ambiance.

For the rest of the days, you might be busy with your own schedule. But at least for this time of the year, couples must take some time just to be with their beloved. It’s not that you shouldn’t be planning such dates for other times of the year but Valentine’s has its own values that need to be celebrated. It is the week for love.


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