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It was like a painting

Dispersed in the white walls

The black dark

Immovable shadow

I was aware: I had been battling for long

And, part of me was tired

And, it remained immovable


Silence was the medium of communication

Silence was the end of communication

What a double edged sword!

And, the result was known!

I counted my footsteps – one, two, three, four …..

Pushed myself,

To participate in a probability contest

I saw a mirage!

And, the result was null.

I had to embrace epiphany

That was displayed in the white walls!

And, part of me is numb

I accept.

I remind myself – to embrace epiphany

I share half-truth too

Everything will be fine!


About The Author

I feel like I am Few ellipses I vary from perception to perception I love to collect emotions, feelings, experiences in the form of writing-both creative writing and research writing

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