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Her constellations embroidered eyes,
sugar-coated maroon colored lips
made me fall for her every pretty lie,
and her cherry blossomed cheeks.

Her silky long hair seemed something like of a gushing river,
as her mesmeric voice would sweep you right off of your feet.

Every time we kissed
these little hormones inside me screamed
her perfectly tendered firm breasts
were like picked out right from my most seductive dreams.

Her curvaceous hips,
and her long streamed velvety cushioned legs
made me love her from her head to the toe tip,
and flatter me with every little move she made.

Her touch as soft as a cotton,
her heart as warm as the early morning sunshine of spring,
an invisible bond between our souls,
bounded by a robust string.

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Fantasia 2.0

Petite hands of yours 

gracefully fell onto mine

I cherished the moment

when our hands intertwined.

The sky was clouded

but your eyes still glistened

your voice so euphonic

like Damien’s songs I listen.

Chubby cheeks of yours

so squishy and firm

different parts of your body

I have yet to learn.

Your lips tasted like

a sip of wine

our tongues interlocked

the feeling so sublime.

The chemistry between us

so unrefined and strange

an unusual peck it was

but it still felt French.

The subdue between us

a soulful hymn

a short period it was

if only I could stop time.



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