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Friends are an essential part of our lives. They laugh with us, cry with us, help us when we are down and help us keep us grounded. But friendship sometimes develops at the most uncertain of times. Often, we don’t even realize how we became friends with them, even when they are idiotic, stupid and unbearable. This International Friendship Day 2019, here we have a couple of friendship day stories for you, reminiscing the start of their friendships, and how valuable they are.

This first story is about how one finds best friends when we least expect it.

short friendship stories-group of friends

Photo: Shreeya Maskay

Being an introvert, making friends had always been a challenge for me. The beginning of high school was the beginning of a new journey. I had no idea, my friends were going to be a huge and also a very crucial part of my life, then onward.

It all started the first day of high school, St. Mary’s High School. I still remember the day, my eyes full of curiosity and mind full of nervousness. I waited for someone to approach me. Few classes of getting to know each other and introducing ourselves, a fellow classmate, with a bright face and a kind smile, approached me.

She introduced me to six other of our classmates. Looking back, I think that was the day God planted the seeds of our friendship, ready to be sown. From that day we’ve bonded better than ever. Little did I know, that it would completely change the meaning of friendship for me and the rest of my life.

Our friendships started a bit unknowingly. It was awkward first but after a year long journey, we had become best friends. A year full of insanity, weirdness and unforgettable memories (and many more to come I believe). It was a journey from being absolute strangers to not just being best friends, to a family. I was just looking for some friends to get through high school, instead, I found my sisters for life.

No matter how strong the bond of friendship is, misunderstandings and doubts always find its way. But we make it sure that we resolve every problem we face and keep our friendship intact, making us better every day.

– Shreeya Maskey

This second story is about finding a friend in oneself. There might be many friendship day stories, but it is equally important to be your own friend first.

short friendship stories

Photo: Hassan Oujabir

There isn’t an exact date and time about how I met my best friend. I was a pampered kid and had a lot of friends. But when I moved to a new school, it was very hard for me. The hard part was everyone having fun and gossiping in breaks. I literally had no-one. I was eating lunch alone.

Sitting in corners and sleeping was just my-kind-of-daily routine. But, deep inside my heart, I was begging to have friends. I was getting bullied by the popular girls and teachers just because I was a weak student. I was lost and sad more, day by day. It took a lot of time to find a best friend for me.

I am glad I have made really great friends for life. But I found myself happy when I found my best friend, because that’s the time when I found me. That scared child who searched for a friend found a friend in herself. I talk to myself whenever I am low and heal myself whenever I have to. I congratulate myself, I cry, and I laugh. But above all, I believe myself.

The day I found me, I found my best friend. There are two of me, my Body and my Soul. When the soul gets hurt, body comforts the soul and vice versa. I am thankful for the friends I have, but I am more thankful for being my own best friend.

-Shristy Tamang

Friendship day stories are always a good way to appreciate one’s friendships and reminisce our own. If you have any special friendship day stories, then we share them with us.

Friendship day is the day to celebrate friendships, so spend your day with friends you value the most. And keep that bond alive.


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