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It has been scientifically proven that Birthday month immensely influences our personalities as well as our health condition. Researchers have unearthed the fact that the month of the babies could affect everything, from intelligence to length of life. Dive in to know more about yourself!

  1. January:

People born in January are less short-tempered and prone to choleric than those born in other seasons. As there is not much sun during this time of the year, that is why people born in winter are disposed to feel suppressed mood and depression. They are most prone to experience gastric ulcers, constipation, loin pains, heart attacks, migraine and menopause problems. But it is not always bad sufferings, as men of January suffer from thyroid gland problems 3 times less frequently than others.

  1. February:

There might be a sad moment for people born on 29th, for their birthdays just come once in four years. Even your parties will be miserable, on account of everyone being Feb Fast. It is also a known fact that a lot of February babies grow up to be beautiful artists. February people are prone to experience thyroid gland problems, osteoarthritis, heart diseases (men), and thrombosis (women).

  1. March:

These spring people have gorgeous aquamarines as their birthstones, but they are disposed to hyperthymia – they are always in a good mood. These March people are cheerful optimists, which you can work in your favor when you send birthday gifts to your loved ones. Men born in March may experience asthma, cataracts and heart problems. Women are prone to rheumatism, constipation, and arthritis.

  1. April:

There’s April Fool’s Day, along with Anzac Day or Easter – take your pick. April babies are likely to become alcoholics and are disposed to osteoporosis, thyroid gland problems, and asthma. Women born in April can also experience osteoporosis, along with tumors and bronchitis. There’s less chance of becoming a high earning football player, doctor or dentist, so don’t hesitate to have candy bouquet delivery possible for your April born, loved ones’ birthdays!

  1. May:

Many people have had plenty of vitamin D through the summer, leading to girls experiencing menopause later than the most. People born in May can experience asthma, depression, and diabetes, as well as osteoporosis, constipation and chronic allergies in women. Men born in May are likely to fall into depression, as compared to those of December.

  1. June:

Most of the June people are Nobel prize winners and CEOs as well as scientists. It is also the month of Geminis, including Donald Trump. Even with the positive atmosphere during their birth, June people are disposed to cyclothymia, i.e. frequent mood swings. These could even lead to psychological disorders, such as bipolar disorder or maybe maniacal depressive psychosis. June people can have cataracts, chronic bronchitis, and heart diseases.

  1. July:

July people are empathetic and they like in indulging home-based hobbies. They are mostly taller and grumpier, as compared to other months’ babies. July people are likely to have asthma, arthritis, tumors as well as chronic neck pain. But these people go on to become builders, train drivers or performers!

  1. August:

Most of the beautiful celebrities are born in August, so there’s a likely chance that you’ll be someone hot, rich, or marry a prince or a princess. People born in this month could experience osteoporosis, asthma, and thyroid gland problems, while women may have rheumatism, arthritis, and thrombosis.

  1. September:

September people are likely to be short-tempered but are not likely to slip into depression. They might suffer from osteoporosis and thyroid gland problems. Men are prone to suffer from asthma while women suffer from tumors. September people can relax as there’s less chance of suffering from any chronic disease.

  1. October:

October people live the longest, apparently, and are likely to be good marriage material. Men are disposed to thyroid gland problems and migraines. Women are more likely to experience anemia and high levels of cholesterol. Both men and women are prone to have osteoporosis.

  1. November:

November people are likely to feel chronic skin diseases and heart or thyroid gland problems. Women born in November are disposed to heart attacks, constipation, or varicose veins. November women usually don’t face problems during their menopause.

  1. December:

December people may become dentists and messiahs. December people, along with being career oriented, especially men are likely to have cataracts, depression, and heart problems. Women are prone to experience asthma, thrombosis and chronic bronchitis.

These might be based on scientific research, but there is no concrete result that everyone born in those months will feel each and every disease and other illnesses. There’s a likely chance that you will live a happy, fulfilling life, without anything troubling you. So, don’t you worry about this and live your life the way you want.

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