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When you have your first job, you start making a living for yourself. You may or may not get an ideal job for you, nevertheless, it helps you to develop some skills and earn some money. It also teaches you how to be responsible and how to take care of oneself. When the job is right though, the satisfaction from work boosts your self-respect, self-worth, and dignifies your life. Also, it helps you to create a solid foundation and help you build a successful future for yourself. So, if you are looking for your first job, here are some possible job vacancy in Nepal for freshers. They don’t require a lot of experience and are worth a try.

Front Desk Officer

Job Category – Administration/ Receptionist

These jobs are mostly called by software companies and hotels. Candidates don’t need to have experience. But, the ideal candidate for this job would be someone with a friendly and easy-going personality. They also need to be very perceptive, disciplined, and have pleasant communication skills, in either Nepali or English or both languages. Along with that, one with knowledge of administrative procedures, clerical procedures, customer service principles, and orientations is well-fitted for this kind of job.

Sites like merojob often list similar job vacancy in Nepal for freshers where you can easily find front desk officer jobs in Nepal.

Telemarketing Executive

Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers suitable for students

Photo: Unsplash/ Glenn Carstens Peters

Job category – Marketing

If looking for a part-time or full-time job to gain experience then a telemarketing job is a perfect fit for you. Candidates just need to have good communication skills and make calls to prospective customers and generate leads for the business. Their works mostly revolve sales talks, reading from scripts that describe products or services. And also includes persuading potential customers to purchase a product or service or to make a donation.

Major expectations from employees include the ability to take calls, have basic computing skills to keep records of contacts, keep accounts, and order logs.

Administration  Assistant 

Job Category – Administration/ Finance

Have you just graduated from a business school and are looking for something that will give you a clearer vision? This job gives one the experience to work under the finance and administration director, and it is a perfect opportunity to learn. Administration duties mostly revolve around managing and distributing information within an office. Also, generally includes answering phones, taking memos and maintaining files. They are also in charge of sending and receiving correspondences, as well as greeting clients and customers.

Major skills required for this job would be adept in technology. In addition to verbal & written communication, organization skills, time management, strategic planning, resourcefulness, detail-oriented and the one who can anticipate needs.

Job That can be Done From Home or Remote

Data Entry Operators

Job category- Secretarial/ Data Entry

This job is perfect for people seeking a job in media or marketing field. With proficient typing skills alongside minimal grammar and punctuation errors, data entry is an ideal job for people who are looking for flexible work.

Data entry offers flexibility in the form of part-time jobs, freelancing opportunities, and a work-from-home environment. For someone seeking to work from home, some online places offer jobs from entry-level. However, data entry work can also be a full-time job offering a salary from NRS 8,000 to NRS 12,000.

Companies/Platforms like Accutran Global, Axion Data Services, Amazon’s Mechanical turk, Capital Typing, Clickworker and much more. While in Nepal, companies like Weblink offer vacancies from time to time.

Creative Content Writer

Job Vacancy in Nepal for Freshers 2019 content writing

Photo: Unsplash/ tribesh-kayastha

Job category – Journalism/ Media Communication

This job is for students with deep knowledge and strong English vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. If you are an avid reader with strong researching skills and some remarkable editing skills, this can be a dream job for you.

This being an entry-level job, the criteria doesn’t revolve around experiences. In other words, this job is easy to secure as the requirement for this is not strictly narrowed-down. And if you searching job vacancy in Nepal for freshers, this is a very good opportunity. It creates a very good platform for freelance writers.

Many companies even offer a full-time job with a competitive salary and timely raises. For someone with experience with digital media and online marketing, this would be an even easier job. Familiarity with SEO and any photo editing skill would also be a great addition.

Some online companies offering job for freshers with new content writing ideas are Freelancer, Freelancers writing gigs, Demand Media, IFreelancer, etc.

Research Analyst

Job Category: Finance/ Assistant

If you are good at researching, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data related to markets. And especially for those good with operations, finance, economics, customers being a research analyst is a healthy job platform.

Key skills to be a research analyst includes accuracy, strong attention to detail, and a strong analytical mind. Moreover, it also requires the ability to notice patterns within statistics, interest in psychology, and behaviors, good organizational skills, and excellent communication skills in both speaking and writing form.

There are a lot of platforms where one can find a job vacancy in Nepal for freshers like Linkup, Monster. Job opportunities from entry-level to a high level are available, one just has to look. So, if you are keen to learn different skills there is no doubt you can adapt to varieties of opportunity.

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