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Know your world…
This is all about the world’s you live in
You are welcomed,
then you are thrown down the pit.
For they feel good to laugh;
they will shout you’re worthless,
they will say you can’t do it.

You are bullied for smiling,
then they wonder why you frown.
You are free to have your opinions;
but only as long as they fall into their views.
You are hurt for loving,
and then gobbled upon for being heartless.

Know your world;
This is what it’s all about.
Their opinions may be a part
of your life,
But I know for a fact that
their backlash don’t control your living.
So, why spoil these beautiful days?

Start loving your body; yourself.
Else, they’ll tear that down too.
Live up for yourselves,
not for them.
Because the irony is–you can never be,
Good enough for them.

Learn to embrace those small stuffs;
feel the blade of grass beneath your feet,
perfume of your mom,
warmth in the bus crowd,
and scent of your granny’s cookies.

Also, the coolness of summer breeze
The toothless smile of a child.
Or red and orange remnants in sky of winter sunset.

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