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It was not ‘love at first sight’ for me
But I’m sure it started with a mean cup of tea
Your sarcasm and the way you rolled your eyes
Every time made me want to say my goodbyes

As days went by, I imagined your life and how you had been
And how you got the scars, you had kept unseen
All I could do was stay with you till the night last
Never thought I would confess to you, memories of my past

me before you

Me Before You/ Photo:

It was not sympathy, I was only your companion
And I don’t know since when, but I started taking your opinion
The Molahonkey song made you laugh, even in your pain
And with the bumblebee tights, you returned me my childhood again

It broke my heart when you decided a date for your life to end
And I made every attempt so your decision would bend
You were better without the beard and your snarky comment
In the trip we took, you taught me to live in the moment

What made me fall in love and touched me the most
Was the way you smiled in love, and never in lust
You made the kiss special even without a single touch
Amid the thunder and lightning, I could feel my heart lurch

Until the end, you made fun of me and my choice of dress
I could see how badly you wanted to hold me, or even caress
Knowing I couldn’t change your decision, my heart broke even more
Cried a river, with the pain, my heart could no longer bore

It was difficult yet I was there when your heart stopped to race
The last memory was laughing with you at my blotched face
I thought I was showing you the world and all the possibilities
But it was you who showed me how to fly out of my boundaries

With a letter, you guided me through the alleys of Paris
After you, I have learned to create my own bliss
I will always be thankful to you for putting me before you,
Though you are not here with me, I will never forget you.

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