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My Highway is my way

It lies nowhere

But it lies…

It lies somewhere

Somewhere in my memory !

Where I could drive

And would ride

My imaginations , feelings

And my dreams

Everywhere as I wish


Sometimes I visit to queen

Elizabeth and say “Hello”

Somewhere I meet Alexander

Who says me : oh poor fellow !

My highway is my way !

Leading me to Bengal bay !

Thirsty and starving

Running every nights and day !

Please stop and take rest,

Where you are moving some people say !

Paddy fields of September

Cold evenings of November

Migrating birds to Mexico,

Leaving their beloved ones to remember

Rain and thunder into the sky

Hails and storm don’t let me die

Threatenings and warnings compel to say

Bye bye to all and all to goodbye !

From my world I am so away

Turning my hair from black to Grey

Missing my birthday sound with DJ

I am in midway with no cafe

Hey hey hey I want to say

Hooray ! I am in my highway !

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