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we have collected several Nepali Poems, especially Nepali love poem which reflects the different aspects of the Nepalese Society.

Nepali Love Poem Collection – Part I

This short poem is written or is dedicated to all the Nepali men women who are working abroad to support their family. Many have left their family within days of marriage for seeking out job opportunities in different countries.

Is it love if it’s only for a week?

the night she got married is only 7 days old

her husband is on airport off to a different world.

is it love if you know nothing about that person but

the life you dreamed with him has once again

become a dream and is filled with imagination.

nepali love poem

Nepali Love Poem Collection – Part II

This short Nepali love poem is dedicated to all the widow or young women who were married early and had to live the life of a widow in Nepalese society.

when she fell on the road to the river, I fell for her.

her white dress was now all messy, so was my thoughts.

Her being widow never stopped me from loving her

but will it be strong to fight with Nepali Society;

most Nepali love poems never make it to the literature

because many never get spoken or written

who will write my love story if she can’t write with colorful ink?

Nepali Love Poem Collection – Part III

This short love story ended before it even began but wants to capture the affection of the teenagers that we hear stories on a daily basis.

Day One, she Came.

Day two, she didn’t

Day three, She never showed up.

Day 7, I never stopped going to the corner store.

where I saw her on day one.

Day 365, its been a year. What does she look like now?


Nepali Love Poem for Students – Part IV

Another incomplete love story that happened in the public bus on the roads of Kathmandu.

It was a sunny day, rather hot.

The bus was crowded but I could see her eyes

They were looking at me, I Swear.

Next Stop, She stepped out.

I didn’t say a word to her.

Does it still qualify for love?

nepali love poem

Nepali Love Poem Collection – Part IV

This short comical love poem is to reflect on the modern love stories with many exes 😉

Today is his Day, my friend is getting married.

As a janti, I am dancing with joy & pride.

Mid-day and I finally saw her coming out.

I couldn’t utter a word, my ex is the bride.

–The End-


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