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Many people have been born into this world, but only a few of them are capable of having a lasting impact on the earth. And certainly, Laxmi Prasad Devkota is one among many such people who used his talent and skill to contribute to the Nepali literature field. He was and is still considered as the greatest poet in the Nepali language. For his outstanding contribution, he was honored with the title of Mahakavi which means ‘great poet’ in Nepali.

About Laxmi Prasad Devkota:

Laxmi Prasad Devkota was born on November 12, 1909, on the night of Lakshmi Pooja, the third day of the Tihar festival. He was born as the third son to father, Teel Madhav Devkota, and mother, Amar Rajyalakshmi Devi, in Dhobidhara, Kathmandu. His father was a Sanskrit scholar, hence, the great poet attended his basic education under his father’s custodianship. Devkota studied at Durbar High School in Kathmandu, with both Sanskrit grammar and English subjects.

At age 17, he cleared his matriculation exams from Patna, India. Then he pursued the Bachelor of Arts along with the Bachelor of Laws at Tri Chandra College. After went to India for further studies. Despite taking tuition classes to supplement his earning, sometimes even for 14 hours a day, financial problems never left him. He then returned back home and started to live his life with his family.

He wrote Muna Madan in 1930. Devkota received immediate recognition from the ranks who ruled Nepal at that time. This book was a great hit for Devkota and is arguably the most famous story written to date which includes Mahakavya (an epic poem) and Muna Madan. Not only these, Shakuntala, pari, The Witch Doctor and Other Essays etc are also among famous books written by him.

About his career:

best selling Nepali novels Muna Madan

Photo: bookworm

Devkota contributed to the Nepali literature by starting a modern Nepali language romantic movement in the country. Born in Nepal, he was the first poet to begin writing poems in Nepali language. With his innovative use of language, Devkota took Nepali poetry to new heights. Devkota is one of the most prolific and gifted writers in Nepali Literature. After a decade, since he graduated as a lawyer, he got the opportunity to work  as a lecturer at Tri-Chandra College and Padma Kanya College.

After losing his parents and his very young daughter, he became a patient of depression. In 1939, he was even sent to a mental hospital by his brother for five months. He even makes references to his experience in the lunatic asylum in his famous free-verse poem Pagal (The Lunatic).

He also became a chain smoker after the incident. And in 1958, Laxmi Prasad Devkota was diagnosed with cancer. After a long battle with cancer, he died on September 14, 1959, at the age of 50.

Undoubtedly, Devkota was the shining star of Nepal. He will always be remembered by Nepalis all over the world. If it wasn’t for him the state of Nepali literature would be unimaginable.

Here is Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s famous poem is titled Pagal:

Laxmi Prasad Devkota: The inspirational Nepali poet

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जरुर साथी म पागल !
यस्तै छ मेरो हाल !
म शब्दलाई देख्दछु !
दृश्यलाई सुन्दछु !
बास्नालाई स्वाद लिन्छु !
आकाशभन्दा पातला कुरालाई छुन्छु !
ती कुरा,
जसको अस्तित्व लोक मान्दैन
जसको आकार संसार जान्दैन !
म देख्दछु ढुङ्गालाई फूल !
जब, जल–किनारका जल–चिप्ला ती
कोमलाकार पाषाण,
स्वर्गको जादूगर्नी मतिर हाँस्दा,
पत्रिएर, नर्मिएर, झल्किएर,
बल्किएर उठ्दछन् मूक पागलझैं,
फूल झैं एक किसिमका चकोर–फूल !
म बोल्दछु तिनसँग, जस्तो बोल्दछन् ती मसँग
एक भाषा, साथी !
जो लेखिन्न, छापिन्न, बोलिन्न,
बुझाइन्न, सुनाइन्न !
जुनेली गङ्गा–किनार छाल आउँछ तिनको भाषा
साथी ! छालछाल !
जरुर साथी म पागल !
यस्तै छ मेरो हाल !

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