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There are a number of names people use to mention him, “Mental”, “Thhiss”, “Pagal” and even “Baula”. I remember seeing him walk around like a sane person before, but now he’s changed.

As I recall, he became a drug addict and mostly spent his time smoking weed and maybe taking other drugs too. He was a fine guy, roaming, enjoying with his pals, mostly drunk. He seemed well, but now he strolls around town dressing up roughly, speaking vulgarly.

People call him insane, but when I see him, I find him normal. May be, more than normal! I find him stuck-in his own world of imagination and without a single bit of concern for others. He murmurs to himself, kicking, punching around.

Observing his activity, I notice that he’s stuck in a virtual world of his own, full of riots and conflicts, maybe even a war. He shouts and screams. He asks his friends to move fast and warns them that if they don’t, the enemy will catch up with them.

From his gestures and choice of words, it seems that he’s been the leader of a team, and is still trying his best to survive alongside his subordinates. Even though he’s trying his best he seems to be failing at it because he seems frustrated with his subordinates. So he keeps bawling and brawling with himself.

People call him names and tend to boss him around, making him carry their luggage. But even with the frustration, I notice that he appears to be enjoying his virtual reality, not showing any intention of coming out of it.

And that’s okay. The world is insane enough, so a little extra bit of blissful insanity will do no harm.

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