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People say the world is a very small place to live in, but no, the world is extremely large in size and billions of people reside in it and I am a mere human being who exists in it. They say everyone has some role to play in the prosperity or shrinkage of the planet and here I wonder what role have I got. Am I some super hero dude who still hasn’t figured out his super powers yet or am I that wicked evil villain who is just waiting for the appropriate time to show his true colors and take over the entire human civilization. But, whatever it is, I hope I figure out my role soon because right now at this very own moment I am stuck. Just like a coin has two sides, I too have my own sides, I won’t call them the good and the bad or the devil and the angel, but I would like to call them the real me and the fake me and I am stuck very badly between them.

Real me, all sweet and gentle, I really like to consider him a proper guy who not only thinks about his own self but is always ready to be sacrificed on the behalf of the others. He is this real definition of a perfect guy who merely exists. He knows drinking and smoking are injurious to health and he urges me not to, not just me but he even gives advice to others about its noxious effect. He loves making friends and travel with them, enjoy their company, be there when they need him. Oh, I love this guy, he is too much fun to be around with. He is cheerful, he is filled with positivity. The good thing about him is he worries but he doesn’t let his worrying hamper his everyday life. No matter what, you will always see a smile on his face, acting like nothing is wrong with him. His motto is to be happy with what he has got and enjoy the very existence of his life and on the other side, there is this evil guy which I would like to call him the fake me. He is the total opposite of the real me. He is unkind and probably hates every living organisms that are known till date. He thinks about his own self and simply doesn’t give a rat ass about others. He is that guy in a party who is just there, all knocked up and complaining. He loves to stay in solace solitude with complete isolation. He loves to lock himself up in a room and do nothing, just lie around and question his existence. Sometimes he goes through a mental breakdown. He is this guy who is filled with hatred, is always anxious, really not wanting to be in the company of others. The thing about him is, he worries a lot, much more than he could possibly handle, always irritated, depressed with a frown on his face. His motto is also a different one, screw others. It’s not that I hate the fake me, I really enjoy his company. He and I sometimes take a hike down the road, sipping coffee, and listen to music and judge people.

You see, the thing is I am a single human body who is stuck between two individualities, the real me and the fake me. They both have their own perspective on the world and the people in it. What really bothers me is that, what if the real me turned out to be the fake one and the fake me turned out to be the real one?

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