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This year’s Comic Con Nepal concluded on September 15, 2018, in Brikutimandap. There was live music and hundreds of people attended the event; all dressed up fancy. Not fancy in a suit with a tie, but in orange track suit, with shuriken in hand; flaunting yellow hair. (Well, that’s Naruto, for you slowpokes.)

Comic Con Nepal has now become an annual festival in the country too. Every year, it attracts quite a number of fervent anime fans but also amateur photographers. The young population, we see here, dress as their favorite anime characters, and more than a dozen people walking around with DSLRs shooting them.

Most of the cosplayers, dressed up ever so laboriously, did not object to pose for the camera. While the photo enthusiasts took every chance they got to try different shots. It was a win-win for both sides. In other words, Comic Con Nepal has become no less than a photo-mine.

Among the cosplayers walking around, those with best costumes were brought onto the stage. They walked on the ramp and everyone had put together a little performance too. Apart from the cosplayers, another attraction of the event was the band performances that enthralled the audience with great music.

There were also stalls that sold anime merchandises, ranging from T-shirts to makeshift swords. And a separate stall was devoted to Star Wars merchandise. There was also a food court and it was absolutely amusing for me to see anime characters (Sakura and Kakashi) lining up to get a plate of momos.

It was my first time attending such convention. But all in all, Comic Con Nepal was no less than a celebration. It was also amusing for me to see how strangers, dressed up ‘outrageously’ (like my Pallo-ghar-ko-aunty would say), could meet & greet each other like long-known friends and rejoice in a ‘culture’ from beyond the borders.

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