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Thoughtful, strong opinions with call to actions that raise awareness and provide solutions to various issues in our society.


Wedding day/s diary

  Yesterday was the biggest day of my life…I got hitched!! Crazy, right? It all started about two months ago when my family found a perfect suitor for me. The first time I saw her, it was like magic.... Read More...
dear society

Dear Society

here is a letter to the Society from a girl in her 20’s. written based on stories and incidents seen and heard of. Dear Society, If a girl reaches home at 7 or 8 (or late) kindly stop questioning her character. She might have work or many other things to do. If a guy drops...

Sunday Ritual

Bohemian print is a popular trend that is seen very often during the hot seasons. I love the interesting graphics prints and it is just so easy to work with it. I love prints and colors and therefore I see myse... Read More...