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Studying abroad is one of the common desires of students around the world. Nepali students go and study abroad, in foreign universities, to gain a world-class education. Or because of the programs that are not available in the country. However, these programs and studying abroad itself And not all with the dream, to acquire a foreign degree, can afford it but it is possible to study abroad with scholarships offered by different foreign colleges and universities.

But first, why study aboard?

Studying abroad can be one of the adventurous, most beautiful and beneficial experiences of student life. By traveling to some place new, s/he can learn new things, explore new horizons and gain new perspectives. Studying abroad increases one’s skills, knowledge and enhances one’s personality.

Study is defined as the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject, especially by means of books. But by being in a classroom full of students from different countries having different languages, cultures, lifestyles and academic prospects, you get the opportunity to study people and learn even more, beyond bookish learning. One might even make lifelong friends.

Studying abroad also brings out your independent nature. Many Nepali students, after their graduation abroad, have started their businesses here and they are known to accredit their idea and success to their student lives abroad. On the other hand, students get opportunities to do internships at reputed companies giving them the practical knowledge and experiences. Many graduates later also land world-class jobs that pay handsomely. These degrees add value to your profile.

There is also opportunity to learn about global issues like pollution, terrorism, global warming, overpopulation etc. On top of the idea you take from your home country, you will understand problems and situations of other countries. And studying abroad ultimately increases love and harmony between students irrespective of their color, cast, religion, language, culture or creed. It increases your communication skill and tolerance for differences as well as expand your network worldwide.

Studying abroad with scholarshipStudying Abroad with Scholarships

Most of the students go abroad for their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. And the common destinations are American, European or Australian universities. Studying abroad is more expensive but, for the creative and potential students, there is a vibrant range of scholarships available. They might be full or partial in nature.

The process to apply for colleges and universities differ from the way we apply for a local college or a hometown university. And while applying for colleges, you can also apply for scholarships.

But studying abroad is still expensive, even with scholarships. Foreign students can get jobs, as per the work permit, while studying with which they can cover your tuition fees and living expenses. After graduation though, it gets easier for the students to get better jobs as they have more experiences, and knowledge.

So, all I want to say is studying abroad is the best experience for all types of students. Do your research and make the best out of all the opportunities that come your way.

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