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Once the friendly one who enjoyed the company of all, now all he does is scrawl.

Gulping down pints of liquor was one of the best things now he cared for

and thinking about his future was one of the few things he was scared of.

Music as his only companion

and sometimes a cigarette in his hand,

feels lost among the crowd of humans

yet alone he does stand.


In past, he loved making friends

but all I can see now is enjoying him on his own

not any concern for anyone

people often took his heart for stone.

He’d lie under the pleasant sky filled with stars

he’d create clouds of smoke, just in a hope that it would tend his scars.

His moods swung like the pendulum of a clock, to and fro

and his so-called short tempered did grow.


Sometimes as he laid down on his bed

some cheerful memories of his players back in his head

and just like that, some drops would fall from his eyes

and he wondered

did that little kid inside him die?

People came, people went but he, he remained the same

some hurt him and in some cases, he was to blame.

He forgot when was the last time that he had a proper sleep,

maybe it was his nightmares or did he just needed another sip.

No one knew his problems, he looked normal for all

but deep inside he’d always stumble and fall.

Even though he walked with a smile patched on his face

not letting anyone know how much he stressed.



among all these blunders of his, a young boy did lose

somewhere between anxiety, depression, love, lust, hatred, a young boy did lose.

I wonder where has that kid gone to?

Chasing those dreams of his, I wonder where has that kid flown to?

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