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Teenagers don’t quickly realize what are the problems they are dealing with. Teenage problems are harsh and unwelcoming. Many teenagers often have such talk with friends regarding how messed up their lives has become, however, they don’t seem to be looking for any solutions to overcome those challenges.

“I remember once saying this to my friend that I simply wanted to quite all my works and take a long break to do absolutely nothing,” says Garima, who is in her 20s, sharing that she had started working from a very young age.

Working, along with studies, is very difficult to manage. And even more, after knowing that it is not even going to be permanent. It really makes one question about how much you have achieved of the life you’ve wanted. It is good to take a moment to look at yourself at least once in a while.

Sometimes you might see nothing but just failures. It may even push you to a point where you force to question yourself “What am I even doing with my life?” You won’t get the answer instantly. It will take a lot of time to discover the motives of your actions.

Cause of teenage problems

teenage problems anxiety

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Camila Quintero Franco

Teenagers are simply in a developing stage and, at this age, even though they’ve got their big brains, they might not have matured enough. And that is the reason why negativity easily takes over their minds.

Teenage problems can result in the feeling of worthlessness and inability to deal with a certain situation. Almost 20% of teenagers are likely to experience depression and anxiety. Teen depression is a serious and delicate mental health problem that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest in activities.

People with depression see the world under a negative light. Negativity is a slow and strong poison. You never know when it starts and spreads. This slow poison molds your mind to only see yourself being unsuccessful, unable or, a failure. All you will see things that are not working the way you want to.

Someone, who is too ambitious, from a very young age, often feels trapped within the walls of negativity. First of all, they will feel this rush in achieving things before anyone else. And secondly, their minds will not be fully matured to make adult decisions.

It rarely reflects the positive aspects of your work. Chances are that if the ratio of positivity is higher than that of negativity you will still be worrying about the negative more than enjoying the positive. Performance in school, work, and relationship with the family members, and social status with peers can affect what teenagers feel.

How to deal with it?

From the young age, you will feel rejections and it will continue. If you are rejected in an interview it is not because you are not qualified enough. It may just be because you don’t match the organization’s expectations.

teenage problems don't give up

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Teenage problems are serious; even a single rejection is perceived as a huge failure of their lives. One thing leads to another and they get surrounded with doubts and lack of enthusiasm. It’s fine to think for the future but what they miss is that rejection and failure are what make a person stronger. There is nothing to be disappointed about, there will be a lot of opportunities in your hand.


Before even letting negativity seep in all over you and it kills the confidence within you, it is better to switch your thoughts into something good, and something accepting.

Take your failure as motivation to try harder next time. Accept things the way they are and try building yourself into a better version of you. It will be your positivity that will give you back the answer you are seeking for things like “What you are doing with your life?”. Just don’t give up that easily.

At the end remember, “I won’t give up, no I won’t give in till I reach the end and then I’ll start again”- Shakira, Try Everything.

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