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The world has become a global village. Thanks to the advancement of technology for developing internet and communication technology. In this age of technology advertising, sharing information and making fool of us via the internet is not a big deal. We are fooled every day by various advertising media, political leaders, corporate houses using BANDWAGON EFFECT. For eg: most of us want to use fashion accessories used by our favorite celebrities or we follow their sayings and styles without a hitch. This is the BANDWAGON EFFECT.

BANDWAGON EFFECT/ bias is a cognitive bias in which the rate of uptake of beliefs, ideas, facts, and trends increase the more that they have already been adopted by other. This cognitive bias affects our rational thinking, as more people come to believe in something we also hop on that belief regardless of our personal wish.

We always become a victim of BANDWAGON EFFECT whether we are shopping or we are voting some political leader or supporting some viral controversies in an internet forum. It makes to support the big random crowd/winning side of a competition. Due to this effect, we tend to think as a public mass rather than thinking as an individual. Let’s take an example of juice advertisement, if a company launches a juice then it plans to create bias in targeted consumer mind using different manipulating techniques like an advertisement which features different renowned personnel as a brand ambassador then some people use that product and others tend to copy that without their wish.

Although BANDWAGON EFFECT is recently known phenomena, it was in the play in nature from the very beginning of evolution and we can relate it to Darwin’s theory of evolution in which all individuals try to copy the fittest one to struggle against nature so that they will remain in the evolution process. Sometimes this has caused the downfall of society but most of the times it has helped.

Have you ever thought about, why you watch viral videos on youtube? why you buy the product most people use? That’s a BANDWAGON EFFECT.


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