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If you are wondering why your arms are not growing then try these 5 moves to make your guns pop out. Many people struggle to grow their arms, even when they exercise regularly. Here is a list of bicep exercises that will help you add an inch to your arm, if you do it right:

Barbell curl helps you to load the bar with maximum weights and also helps you gain tremendous strength. Moreover, you can change your grip and emphasize a different part of your biceps with the same exercise. For optimal results perform this exercise at the beginning of your workout and focus on proper form.

Tip: Try using EZ-bar to ease off some stress from the straight bar.

The main benefit of this exercise is that it lets you focus on each arm one at a time. It also allows rest for each arm so that you can lift the heaviest weight possible. Make sure your form is proper and you are not training your ego. Choose a weight that you can handle yet challenges you to finish your repetitions.

This is by far my favorite biceps exercise till date. The pump that I get after this exercise is addictive and crazy. The benefit of this exercise is that it lets you emphasize each arm and you cannot cheat, compared to standing bicep curls. This has been a major game-changer in my workout regimen and has helped add some serious size to my biceps. Make sure you stretch and squeeze well to get the most out of this workout.

It puts a maximum stretch on your biceps and most importantly it doesn’t allow you to use momentum. Make sure you use light weights since you won’t be able to lift as heavy as standing bicep curls and focus on the stretching part of the exercise to reap maximum benefit.


Most people neglect this exercise. However, it helps to stimulate brachialis muscle situated underneath the biceps which contributes to upper arm thickness. Hammer curls are a great way to increase size in your arms.

These are some of the most effective bicep exercises that have helped many top level athletes. I have personally included these exercises in my training regimen and recommend it to many individuals. The result has always been positive. Now it’s time for you to pack on some serious mass in your arms and fill out those sleeves.


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