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My love, what do I do now, with everything you left me with

the memories, the scars, the promises you’ll never keep?

What do I do with the teddy you gave me, which once I couldn’t sleep without

but now I can’t sleep if I see it lying around?

What do I do with a box full of chocolate wrappers

that I have stored for ages and valued?

What do I do with the butterflies you gave me

now that I know someone else gets it too?


What do I do with my sketches after knowing

you drew the other girl better.

What do I do now when I know it was never about me

it was always about her.

Tell me, what do I do with the dried rose

that I have treasured for years?

What do I do with the love letters

I’ve kept more safely than other important papers?

What do I do now knowing that

your “I love you” is cheaper than Hellos?

What do I do now when every time

I try to think or not think of you I think of you two?


What do I do now with the ring you’d once put on my fingers

keep it or throw it away?

How can you tell me not to leave

when you haven’t given me a single reason to stay.

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