• One, Two

    February 19, 2018 • POETRY • Author:

    1. I was lost and knew not the way back, Knew not even, where I was, Or, if I could ever get back. Tried I had and yet still, had fallen down, And I was trapped in a pit. I could see no rope or a ladder, I had tried or maybe not, But trapped …...

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  • Healing yourself!

    February 7, 2018 • POETRY • Author:

    Healing Yourself! Yes, you'be been broken Been hurt a lot And those wounds still remind you about the past Leaving you upset and aghast! I'm aware of your heartache Aware of the pain you went through but it's something I cannot undo I cannot change what happened The person to be healed is you! All...

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  • Fantasia, Fantasia 2.0

    January 31, 2018 • POETRY • Author:

    Fantasia  Her constellations embroidered eyes, sugar-coated maroon colored lips made me fall for her every pretty lie, and her cherry blossomed cheeks. Her silky long hair seemed something like of a gushing river, as her mesmeric voice would sweep you right off of your feet. Every time we kissed...

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  • Somber Tale by Binesh Shrestha

    January 11, 2018 • POETRY • Author:

    There's this pain in my chest heaviness in my heart separating me from the rest and tearing me apart. Detest in my eyes no word in my tongue submerged in lies everything seems wrong. All I could smell is fear all I could hear is my own scream no one is near everyone is brawling …...

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  • What Did You Feel?- A conversation with 2017

    December 30, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    Did you feel responsible for the universe – like the weight was yours to carry? When it hurt, and you were crushed, Did you embrace the familiar ache? Did you rise? Did you break when you didn’t belong, under heaps of identities? Did you hide in silent retreat, When your voice was the wrong...

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  • The Good Girl

    December 27, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    Never raise your voice, be the good girl Take the blame, even if it's not your fault she mugged up with her heart since she was a child But she was unaware what would that mean Now every day she die little inside her own heart and mind battle Either to embrace her lesson or …...

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  • I Let You Fly: Story of “You and I”

    November 2, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    You and I, We were like.. the kite and the one who flies it. You were my favourite kite, In my favourite colour red, With a big yellow spot.. And I never wanted to fly you, Because i feared you going away, Feared losing you if the thread cuts.. But your happiness lied.. Far…far away …...

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  • के मेरो गाउ लाइ सन्चै त छ ?

    October 20, 2017 • POETRY, नेपाली • Author:

    आजकल सपनी हरुमा म झरना देख्छु खोला देख्छु मेरो पुरानो गाउ देख्छु घर माथिको देबिथानको डाडो देख्छु सपनी मै बास्छ...

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  • Loud Louder You scream

    October 9, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    Loud Louder You Scream And say - "Don't you dream?" But I dare Though you scare Because I don't care So, even when you scream I dream. High Higher I dream And lift my steps slowly Out of the blue, you cry "Hey! Don't you dare, don't you try " I asked -" Why on …...

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  • and, you think we are equal

    September 19, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

      And, you think you and I are equal (Pic: Derek Sherman at Celery Blog) I thought God created us equal, With bodies and biological realities, With desires and sentiments, With hunger and pain, With senses and sensibilities, Until the day I knew We had a hierarchy! Based on the languages we speak....

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  • In Your Eyes, Beholder, An Undeviating Spark

    August 9, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    Instead of worrying about the wrinkles on your face, think about becoming kinder and gentler think about leaving a positive mark on the world. No matter how beautiful you are you won’t be at peace if you aren’t beautiful and peaceful from inside. Outer beauty just pleases the eyes....

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  • The girl with a mask on

    July 24, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    People often misunderstood her for any other normal girl but she was different. She put on a mask that would fool everyone, except for her own self. She neither put on make-ups nor was she interested in boys, she thought this whole world was a huge act and people were all puppets and toys. She...

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  • His love was a lie

    July 17, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    I dressed in red, added colors to my lips, did my hair right, and walked miles to him Yes once again I tried and yet again he lied. He looked at me didn’t find me pretty for the girl he’s been reaching was always better I asked if I looked good he said I did …...

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  • Half and Half

    July 8, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    When the rain and the sun will be too busy sharing their pain with droplets and a hint of sunshine and forget to care about you and your umbrella I will make sure to always be there with mine sharing it with you. like Half and Half.   My umbrella won’t be big like a …...

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  • A Decision I Would Never Change

    June 26, 2017 • POETRY • Author:

    A number of incidents Made me stand in the doorway, A decision away, Some quick, Some made in haste, Some… “Leap of faith” On this stormy night, When I sit and think, A decision I would never change, A happening I would never erase. I recall those yesteryears, Now vague, But then, our...

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