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Hello there readers! Firstly, How are you all doing? Since we’re in the middle of the pandemic, most of us are still stuck in our homes, aren’t we? I hope you all are taking care of yourselves and staying safe. I want to ask something: How are you spending your free time? Are you spending most of your time by checking your social media handle(s). To be honest, I do the same too, so I absolutely understand.

Coming to the main point of today, I want to share something about a video I watched on Facebook the other day and I found it quite interesting! I hope you’ll not get bored either. Please stick till the end of this!
In that video, Prince Ea said that if we condense our life to the life existence of the Earth, we’ve only been here for 3 seconds. Yes, ONLY 3 SECONDS! But what have we done in just 3 seconds?
On a note, we call ourselves Homo Sapiens. Meaning? Wise man. But the actions that mankind are performing are certainly not wise enough!
Yes, development is done very rapidly all over the world. Humans have created machines to make lives easier on Earth and is even searching for alternative homes beyond the territory of the Earth. But, why is mankind blind and deaf to mother nature crying and screaming? Choosing development over destruction is no way a wisdom.
Wisdom is certainly different. Since we’ve started taking our current home for granted, we’re the ones who will suffer in the long run. We shall not be surprised when we face natural calamities occurring once in a while all over the world. Droughts, floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. are mother nature’s alarming signs which humans have only thought about getting rid of.
But alas! Do you think it’s possible? Absolutely not! You get what you deserve. You reap what you sow. Since you’ve made mother Earth cry so much, there’s no way you’re going to live in peace.
Isn’t humankind still isn’t stopping to exploit the natural resources though? Those resources are in the verge of extinction and may or may not be back ever again. Billions of trees are cut down every year all over the world. The irony is that we still complain about not getting fresh oxygen. Why would we when we have no control in the exploitations of green forests for agricultural and industrial purposes?
Why do we have to complain when there are alarming calamity changes? Why do we have to face extreme pollution? Aren’t human kind responsible for all this? But are we all ready to take the responsibility in our shoulders?
You guess not? Then why? You, me and each and everyone living in the planet is either direct or responsible for the damages.
 We should have been generous towards our only home planet but we’ve gotten more selfish and careless. The result? You already know it.
Don’t you think it may be too late if we don’t start acting now? We hear some popular scientists and researchers who have talked about the environmental pollution and its’ consequences. But why can’t we talk about what you should do as an individual? No matter where you live or which country you reside in, don’t you have your own individual responsibility to protect your environment and mother nature? Have you ever thought about it?  Please do if you haven’t thought about it already.
Earth is crying! Earth is screaming! Earth is asking for help!

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