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It’s not just about angels it’s about these devils too
who was there with you in your darkest times
and helped you through.
These devils made you feel pain
just so you won’t go numb
they made your mind go insane
just so your brain won’t be all stunned.
From the bright sunny day to the night pitched black
they always had your back.

Lurking behind you like your shadow
not letting people know of their presence
that’s how you came this far
brawling with your past and living with your present.

These devils, they never left you behind
they were your companion in your insomniac nights
when no angels were in sight
they were always by your side
when you were down and bruised
they always swayed you to fight.
They trained you to overcome your fear ‘coz you had been living your life all scared
when you were deaf
they were the ones who screamed just for you to hear.

Perhaps, you too are one of them
who would hide one’s horns under the hair
tuck the wings beneath your clothes
with hatred-filled eyes
maybe you too are a devil
but in disguise.

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