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So today I was thinking of doing something interesting and started looking for options. After not selecting any of the probable things I could do, a thought popped into my mind, why don’t I write? I had almost forgotten I used to write. For me, writing was something I started when I had a hurricane of emotions in my mind and no one to blow it to. Now my bad baby (my mind) is at peace. I guess I am happy. When something happens, we have our own point of view, our own way of looking at things. When my expectations didn’t meet, I was hurt, sad and god knows what! But now when I look back, I see things differently. Well, I’ve become a pessimist but I feel safe being one. The only thing I wanted so bad in my life, I do not want anymore and I’m doing fine. From being a cry baby to an understanding person a lot has changed, few are still the same but I feel really okay with it. I am not sad anymore.

When I look back, things make me sad, but they do not weaken me anymore. If someone does good to you, you try and do good to them too. But there are people who want good to be done to them and they do not even pause and think before harming you or hurting you. That’s okay. I don’t feel this is a subject worth worrying about. They’ll learn what they should have done; they’ll realize what they’ve lost. I guess I’ve learned to smile a little wider.

A tiny drop of rain makes me feel alive. A blooming flower soothes my heart. A child’s laugh gives me a warm embrace. Moving vehicles interest me. Twinkling stars excite me. I got a whole new, revised and updated playlist. My heart sings along with the songs I listen to. I’ve found a new connection with my friends and families. Some smiles entice me. Some roads feel home. Every place I visit now has a meaning. Every time I find an escape from my regular stuff, I find peace. After I lost so many things, I found myself.

Now I have my own strengths, I need to work on my weaknesses. I am thankful. After losing pieces of me I have found myself whole. I am happy. Why shouldn’t I be? Now, I have my everything. 

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