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Shhh, the Lord is meditating

he doesn’t give a fuck if you’re buried beneath your troubles or levitating.

At the moment he is in the world of his own

he doesn’t care if you’re intact or torn.

Tell me lord, doesn’t your world quiver when my heart trembles with anxiety and fear?

Do you ever get drenched when I break down, and my eyes are filled with tears?

Do you feel like singing me a lullaby when you see me having troubles to sleep?

Or give me a hand when I’m buried under 6 feet deep.

Do you ever listen to my scream that is as silent as the middle of the night?

Would you even recognize me amongst these crowds if you perceive me with your sight?

Don’t these ordeal thoughts of mine bother you?

At times I feel like encaged in this melancholy of emotions, well does that smother you?

Ever felt like interrupting the talks between my conscious and me?

Ever felt like intervening my battle against the demon that massacres me?

Guess, it’s just me that pleads for your aid

for you’re just a mystery that has been long dead.

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