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Experiences and stories pertinent to women.

games girls play

Games Girls Don’t Play

“Ready?” she calls out. I gulp, and nod, and cup my hands. The ball hurtles towards me, and I put an arm over my face. The slightly-deflated ball makes contact with my arm, then bounces to the ground and lays t... Read More...


Photo by: Hitesha Teej is the festival which my mom cherish a lot. She loves to be in red apparition and everything she uses must be red. Even the rubber band she needs red. Red symbolizes my father’s biolog... Read More...
modern teej

Travesty of Modern Teej

By- Deepak ShimKhada With age comes experience and wisdom.  Now that I have turned 70, I hope I have earned both.  As a senior citizen, I can be excused for speaking my mind without being politically correct. ... Read More...

When I Become a Mother

I have begun to cherish on the fact that someday I will be given the privilege too of becoming a mother. As a daughter I have learnt a lot from my mother about motherhood. The silent sacrifices, compromises, se... Read More...
Forever in exile

Forever in exile

Why thousands of Nepali women are made to feel like an eternal Diaspora “A woman has no home, and no surname.” During my adolescence, anytime I came upon this miserable proverb, my cheeks reddened i... Read More...

That Is a Compliment. NOT!

My name is ‘BABY’. You lean over and spit at my feet. It lands in a puddle in front of me. I am thirteen and on my way home from school. I run with my backpack banging like the echo of your words against my bac... Read More...