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Experiences and stories pertinent to women.

Nepali Girl

Are You A “nice” Nepali Girl?

We all know that there is a huge gender inequality that exists in Nepal. The Nepali girls are always told to behave properly or to be nice. They are always told to do certain things in a certain way because th... Read More...

Being a girl, from Nepal

So someone told me I should write about other things that I deeply care about and the one thing I am really opinionated about is gender equality. And being a woman myself, people usually mistake my want for equ... Read More...

श्रीमतीलाई ‘तँ’ देखि धोती धुने सम्मका कुरा

श्रीमतीलाई ‘तँ’ देखि धोती धुने सम्मका कुरा “बाबु !” “हजुर !” “उः अहिले त हजुर भनी ।” “झुक्केर भनेको । भन्दैन कसैलाई हजुर सजुर ।” शितल दाहालको “स्वास्नीलाई तँ, लोग्नेलाई हजुर ?” पढेदेखि मैले यो तँ र हजुरक... Read More...

A mile, in my shoes

I'm walking on a busy street. It's mid-afternoon, in a great city, in a great country. What could go wrong? The weather is nice. The mood is solemn. What could go wrong? It's busy and bustling. Ther... Read More...
one day

One Day

I returned from college on a public bus today, and sat on the window seat. On the way a man, probably 35 or more, got in the bus and sat beside me. I had put on my earphones and was listening to music. After a ... Read More...

Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream I remember the drive vividly, we were on our way to the airport to drop off our late grandparents after their visit. They were talking about everyone they’d met and how hospitable everyone ... Read More...