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When it comes to Vastu Shastra, we all know what wonders it does to one. Following Vastu to construct your bedroom can give you not only a peaceful sleep but also a relaxed mind and a happy soul. Today, we are here to list a few basic tips on Vastu Shastra for bedroom decorations:

As per homify, Vastu Shastra says the Bedroom should always be constructed in the southwest direction of the building. As it is believed that having your bedroom located in the southwest corner brings prosperity and wealth.

Vastu Shastra for Bedroom organization

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Other Vastu Shastra Tips include:

  1. Placing your head towards south direction while sleeping gives you good and relaxed sleep.
  2. Never to construct a room in the center of the house.
  3. Always remember that there should be no window exactly behind your bed.
  4. To avoid the negative energy choose wooden furniture in your bedroom. Wooden furniture gives off positive energy than that of metal ones.
  5. Colors like pink, yellow, orange, shades of blue and green are suggested for the walls of your bedroom. {Pink & yellow colors enhance the feeling of love warmth & romance which is suitable for newly married couples.}
  6. No overhead beams should be placed in room as it can cause depression, arguments, and disharmony. So, avoiding them can help in maintaining tranquillity.
  7. Square is the best shape for a room since it ensures harmony and balance. Rectangular rooms are auspicious too, but L-shaped or T-shaped rooms can be harmful. Rooms in irregular shapes can usher in many worries or even poverty. Octagonal rooms can harm your finances, while triangular rooms can stop you from progressing.”
Vaastu Shastra tips for bedroom

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Firstcry Parenting‘s list of tips on Vastu Shastra for bedroom mention: “Couples must use the single mattress on the bed, and the wife should sleep on the left side of the bed. Mood lighting and aroma oil diffusers can be kept in the bedroom for a romantic ambiance.”

It is recommended not to have a mirror in front of your bed as it results in poor health of the members living in the room. In case you have a mirror in your room then make sure you move the mirror to the other wall or you can also cover it.

Whereas Vaastu International says:

  1. Doors of each room should be facing east. Also, the door should open inside the room not outside the room.
  2. Never fix a mirror on the south and west wall.

One additional tip by The Chopra Center says that if you have clutter under your bed you should remove it as the things you store under your bed has an influence on your subconscious and affects the quality of sleep. So, you should store only those items that are life-affirming and makes you peaceful.

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-Jyoti Lalwani

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