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Shared experiences, trending topics, and pop culture references.


What To Do After Exams?

By now everybody must be done with their exams. The stress is gone finally, although the real anxiety will wave you bye when results are out, and you are set to get in the next academic year. But until the resu... Read More...

Love Anime, Hate Anime ?

Love Anime, Hate Anime ? I am an anime freak. I get a little crazy at times, get wrapped up in storylines and even cry tears of sorrow and joy. I get too engrossed. Anime is a form of Japanese animated pr... Read More...

Gossiping about Gossip Girl

I can always spend a day "happily" aloof from the things happening around when I have "episodes" of GG (Gossip Girl) left to be watched. I don't know why I'm interested in knowing what Blair (Queen B), Chuck, N... Read More...

Tender Twinkles

Tender Twinkles In the summer children spend early evening catching fireflies but adults spend that same time wondering. They wonder why a firefly lights up. They wonder why fireflies don’t live very long. A... Read More...