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Shared experiences, trending topics, and pop culture references.


Sunday Ritual

Bohemian print is a popular trend that is seen very often during the hot seasons. I love the interesting graphics prints and it is just so easy to work with it. I love prints and colors and therefore I see myse... Read More...

Double Denim

Fashion trend goes in and outs, but style always stays.  I’ve always loved the idea of all denim, but find it harder to pull off than what it actually seems- especially when you don’t have the right denim wash ... Read More...

Wandering through Words

Often times, we come across a dish that looks delicious, and tastes amazing. But then, it lacks something that we cannot put a finger upon – perhaps it was a little bland, or missing a hint of vinegar or just a... Read More...

Muslims Living Among Us!

I must admit, that in light of all the Islamophobia that’s been plaguing the news and social media lately, I have found it slightly comical. Don’t get me wrong – it is very upsetting and disheartening, and it i... Read More...

The Motorcycle Diaries

-Che Guevara The ubiquitous face printed on black tees of every young 'Che' fan wasn’t just another revolutionary who fought for the rights of deprived people and died as a martyr. He had fire and passion that... Read More...

Junior Battle – 2015

New year has been never been better for the kids who were participating in Junior Battle 2015. The event was organized by Media Land and was supported by High tech mobiles, New horizons computer learning centre... Read More...

The Alchemist Review

WONDERFUL !!!!!!! Yeah I finished reading this book..given to me by Holmes after such a long time of reading and reading..reading a page..a day…….after so long…Actually I wanted to finish it in a day..but th... Read More...

Hey Beautiful!

How regularly do you get called beautiful? Do you keep asking your mirror who is the most beautiful in the world? Do you feel beautiful? What is your definition of beautiful?   Purpose of asking these ... Read More...