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time and heart

Time and Heart

It has been more than two years since I last saw you. I don't know what kind of person you have grown into. All I can do is open your profile and skim through the changes in your life that I couldn't be a part ...

Boxes & Dots

For a long time or as long as I can remember, I was caved in, unable to comprehend how this world works, how society works, how people could relate to or get along with each other. Things like dancing, singing ...

Spare Me From The Lies

Spare Me From The Lies Is it just not redundant to love and not nurture? Using emotions with some sweet talks, Making me lay awake at night; anxious and with pounding heart, While making drunk calls to ot...

Old Car: A Piece of History

Old Car: A Piece of History A well-ridden bike or a well-driven car has its own history. Each of them leaves its own mark behind. For example, my old SUV (Nissan—Pathfinder) just turned 19. It has over one h...

What football taught me about loyalty

This need, this greed, this feeling of remorse that I could have taken a better decision has haunted me more than anything else. I put myself under this circumstances. I made a decision and now I see what it wo...

The born gamer

The born gamer Sometimes I think I’m worthless; at other times, I think I’ve got so much to offer. I have a dream and it’s big. Grand Theft Auto Just when I thought I was useless, I walked into a cyber...
color gray

I love the Color Gray

I love the color gray. Now don’t go assuming things. No character or series made me like gray, I’ve just always liked gray like I’ve always liked stepping on crunchy dry leaves and smelling new books. Nobody...

Lying to yourself

I take small sips from a bottle of Perrier, or Evian- it doesn’t matter; the point is, I sip on privilege. I am a feminist, one so radical that sometimes, I want to burn my bra and I would, if not for my saggy ...