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The born gamer

The born gamer Sometimes I think I’m worthless; at other times, I think I’ve got so much to offer. I have a dream and it’s big. Grand Theft Auto Just when I thought I was useless, I walked into a cyber... Read More...

Lying to yourself

I take small sips from a bottle of Perrier, or Evian- it doesn’t matter; the point is, I sip on privilege. I am a feminist, one so radical that sometimes, I want to burn my bra and I would, if not for my saggy ... Read More...


For some reason, every argument people make seem so childish to me now. Gone are the days when I used to argue. People who used to be around me will probably be shocked by the fact that I will not debate abo... Read More...

Lifeless Breathing

The big enticing artistic clock hanging on the wall is singing its same old tic-tic song. It is never tired of that melody which has already irritated me from some time. A slight amount of sunlight from the gig... Read More...
nepali citizen


I slump on a mattress on the floor in the ground floor of my house. I look around at the familiar walls – I’ve been surrounded by them since I was two years old – and find them menacing. I try not to imagine th... Read More...

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